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The Meaning

HUMAN SEEDS was inspired by an ancient legend that says that one day Mother Earth will be in the hands of a very special kind of humans, who truly deserve Her.


Those humans would able to understand the privilege and the responsibilities of living in such magnificent planet.  They would be able to appreciate Her beauty, Her complexity and Her fragility.


They would know that the wellbeing of each human being and every other living form, depends entirely of Her wellbeing, therefore, from an early age, they would learn to respect Her, love Her and care for Her.


According with that legend, those special human beings would be able to have long, healthy, comfortable and happy lives, in total harmony with nature and all its creatures.


They would be able to live in peace, celebrating the cultural differences that enrich the human race, but sharing strong values that unite them all.


Their wisdom would ensure that the air is clean, the water pure and the land fertile. Earth would be a blue planet dressed in green forests, valleys and mountains, decorated with snow, deserts, sands, rocks and minerals of all kinds.


Life would keep expressing itself in different forms, sizes and colours, filling each corner. Each creature would be valued and respected, from the tiniest to the gigantic. 

This organisation has been created on the principle that all beings are interconnected, interdependent and interrelated, therefore,

                                  1. the wellbeing of the individual affects the wellbeing of the community and vice versa,

                                  2. our own survival depends of the survival of the entire environment and its creatures, and

                                  3. we are all part of a very big, diverse and complex family.

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