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Talks and Incursions


We offer a series of Power-Point presentations full of interesting information, stories, photographs and food for thought. They are interactive, educational and fun.

These presentations have been designed for schools, community groups and other organisations, with 3 versions according with the age of the audience:

  • Early childhood: from 4 to 6 years old

  • Medium childhood: from 7 to 12 years old

  • Teen agers/adults: from 13 years onwards

The presentations last from 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending of the age and time schedules of each group.

Each talk can be presented in its standard format or can be customised to suit specific interests, projects, subjects or areas of study or the group. This is particularly convenient for schools.


Education packages:

Presentations for children and youths include an education package with diverse materials and information such as posters, booklets, games and more, to encourage the students to continue their learning.

Evaluation forms are given to teachers, so they have the opportunity to express their opinions, ideas and suggestions. This helps the education program to get better every day.



The cost of the education program only for is $5 per person/student.

For charity or volunteer organisations, prices are negotiable.

All proceeds from HUMAN SEEDS’ education programs are dedicated to support “Tierra Madre Wildlife Shelter” and its work in rehabilitating orphaned, injured, displaced and sick native animals, so they can be returned back into the wild.


Equipment needed:

Projector, computer, screen and educational material will be brought to all talks. We only need you and your group!!!


The current presentations we have to offer are:














This presentation explores the different challenges that our wildlife faces in a daily basis and how we can avoid or reduce those problems in a practical way.

This is an inspirational talk, about the importance, the beauty, the uniqueness and the fragility of the native animals that share this land with us. 

Some topics include conservation, environmentally friendly ways of living, wildlife in suburbia, living with native animals, responsible pet ownership, driving safely, and much more...


This powerful and beautiful presentation about the interdependence and interrelations that all living creatures share amongst themselves and their planet. As humans, sometimes we forget that we are part of a very complex living structure, which keep us alive, but at the same time, we are its custodians...

Some of the topics include our relationships with the environment, with animals, with ourselves, and how our ways of living impact them.

We also have this talk in Spanish!!


Wildlife shelters are very special places where many species of injured, orphaned, displaced and sick native animals go through rehabilitation so they can go back into the wild.

This talk shares the intricacies of how a wildlife shelter operates, and how the animals are cared for, from their moment of arrival, to their release.  That includes providing them with the right food, housing and medical treatment, as well as looking after their emotional state and socialising with their own kind.

This presentation shares lots of stories, cases and personalities of amazing animals that have been in the shelter over the years.


This presentation has been designed for people interested in possums care and rehabilitation. It can be very useful for carers that want to start their own shelters, or they are new in the industry, or even experienced shelter operators who want to compare notes.

Topics include legislation in Victoria, getting you and your shelter ready, husbandry, release and how to deal with the ups and downs of being a carer.

This is a 6 hour intensive workshop, full of information and practical experiences and inspiring stories.

We are always students, we have the opportunity to learn new things every single day, and nature is the best teacher!!

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