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Principles and Values


Our environmental education programs are based on 4 pillars, so all parts of our beings are nourished in an integrated and balanced way:



                                                           Science and technology:   Mind (intellect)

                                                                             Practical work:   Body (physical activities)

                                                                     Kindness and care:   Emotions (feelings)

                                                                                            Ethics:   Values

                 Working with our Intellect:

Our mind is a fantastic tool when directed in a positive way. Here in HUMAN SEEDS we want to make learning a fun and interesting experience by encouraging curiosity, knowledge gathering, research, new ideas, discussions, food for thought, problem solving skills and much more.


Being physically proactive:

There are many practical and useful activities for people of all ages and backgrounds, which can have a big impact at personal, social and environmental levels. Those activities require planning, execution and evaluation of their results, therefore, the entire process promotes leadership, self esteem, working with others, sense of belonging, perseverance, making efforts and at the end, the satisfaction of being helpful and making a difference.


        Using our feelings to do good:

People learn more, do more and enjoy more when they are passionate about something. We want to inculcate love for all our fellow human beings, for all forms of life, for nature and for the environment in general. When we are kind, compassionate, caring and happy, we are bringing up the best of us.

Having great values:

The ethics and values that we have, will determine the kind of life we want to lead, regardless the circumstances that life puts us through. The importance of those values is immeasurable, since they shape the society we build. Some of the values we want to inculcate, are honesty, selfless service, respect, truthfulness, generosity, fairness, achieving through effort, humility and consciousness.

When all parts of our being are nourished, it is easier to reach our potential and become the best we can be. Then we can inspire others with our own experiences and make a contribution to make this land a better place for all. 


In HUMAN SEEDS we believe that we all have the potential to become one of those special human beings.

We all have inside a dormant seed that needs to be watered and nourished, so it can grow and transform us in the best people we can be.

When that seed germinates in our hearts, we inspire others, and from within, we can transform our homes, our communities and the planet.

This is the inspiration, the vision and the mission of HUMAN SEEDS.

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