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Old and New Residents

Each animal that comes into the shelter has a special place in my heart. Each one of them is an individual with a story to tell, a challenge to overcome, a hope for a better future and a lesson to teach.

I wish I could have a photo here of each of the more than 1500 animals that have been into the shelter over the past 15 years. Since that is impossible, here is a small sample of some of them...

Mist - Sugar glider

Lucy - Blue tonged lizard

Betty and Willma - Bared nosed wombats

John, Paul, George & Ringo-Ringtail possums

 Spicky - Short beaked echidna

 Nura - Eastern Grey Kangaroo

 Lottus - Southern brown tree frog

Candy - Brushtail possum

K-Dargo - Western grey kangaroo

Crayton - Eastern grey kangaroo


Plumita - Feathered tailed possum

Sparky - Swamp wallaby

 Morticia - Lesser long eared bat

Neelex - Brushtail possum

 Peggy - Bared nosed wombat

 Topaz - Mountain brushtail possum

Matilda - Long necked turtle

This page is dedicated to Rudolf, a little kangaroo joey, who taught me that every single creature in this Earth has a purpose and a mission.

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