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“Thank you again so much for coming and talking to our groups. Your speech is very heart warming and I know each and every group you talk to will feel the same. You have certainly made me more compassionate for the wildlife within my home.”

Dianna Foreman
Program Leader
Sherbrooke Cottage - Tecoma

“It was a pleasure to meet you as well, especially another Vegan working for the protection of the animals and the environment. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and dedication in the work you do.”

Elizabeth Wolf
Librarian - Hampton Park Library- Hampton

“The concept and principles of Human Seeds through environmental education is fully endorsed and supported by Wildlife Victoria.

Our human actions impact the environment and the interaction and sustainability of all those precious species of flora and fauna that inhabit our planet. We therefore have an obligation and responsibility to understand that impact and lessen the effect. Human seeds environmental education program is directed at exactly this need.”

Karen Masson
CEO - Wildlife Victoria


“Adriana’s passion for our wildlife is amazing. This is an excellent part of our Local Learning and Volunteering unit of work. We will use again in two years. Thank you so much!”

Raelene Morley
Sherbourne Primary School - Greensborough

“Our warm thanks to you for sharing your time and obvious passion for our natural world.  I have not seen that many kids sit still on a hard floor for so long and be so still. Your message obviously got through.

The adults all expressed their gratitude afterwards for your presentation and were impressed as well.  All the very best in your endeavours.”

Chris Hughes -Scout Group Coordinator
Wonga Park

“I agree whole heartedly with your sentiments and thank you for sharing your passion. I think it opens the students’ eyes to what is going on in their own neighbourhood which is great. I also believe that most Australians do take for granted this amazing landscape - at least until they are old enough to travel and see the world outside their own backyard.”

Ben Dupuche
VCE Outdoor Education Teacher
Whitefriars College - Donvale

“Thank you again for coming so far to give such a worthwhile talk.

The girls found it very interesting and an inspiration to continue with their service projects assisting our beautiful wildlife.

Please also say hello to your resident possums too!”

Caroline Brandt
Girl Guides Coordinator
5th Brighton Guides

“Thanks for delivering such an informative and important session at Kinglake.”

Amanda Stewart
Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House

“Thank you Adriana. The information in your presentation was just what we were after. You were so lovely with the children. Thank you once again.”

Julie David
Deputy Principal/Classroom Teacher
St. Luke the Evangelist
Blackburn South

“I would like to sincerely thank you for your fantastic, inspiring and colourful presentation. You had our audience absolutely captivated from the 7yr old to the 70 year olds!

Your storytelling and life experiences bought to life the importance of our native wildlife and really made both myself and the local Landcare groups realise just how important the great work we are doing to revegetate areas, protect remnant habitat trees and support the wildlife in our region is.”

Tess Grieves - Catchment Management Authority - Project Officer 

North Central Region - Barinhup

“Adriana, I just wanted to email you to again relay my appreciation to you for making the long trip across to present for us last night.  Your presentation was full of passion and enthusiasm and delivered so well to the target audience.  The whole group was really appreciative and loved it.

Personally, I took a lot away from your presentation.  While your topic is something I am very familiar about your personal accounts and delivery of your key messages is something I don’t think I will forget in a while.  It was one of the most captivating presentations I have listened to in a very long time. So again thank you.”

Emma Wolters
Catchment Management Authority
Catchment Restoration Officer – North Central Region Barinhup

“Dear Adriana, It is I who should, and I do now, thank you very warmly for your presentation today so ably done with the laptop and the data projector.  You held our members so absorbed by your delivery that I listening, intently, forgot to take a photo of you for our club album.

 It is very encouraging, and indeed very heart-warming that many volunteers, such as yourself, are so dedicated to our wildlife. 

Long may you and your fellow volunteers keep up this wonderful work. Actually it was one of our club members who had heard you speak at another venue and who strongly urged me to have you speak to us. I am so glad that you did.”

Maxwell R. HAYES - speaker convenor
Whitehorse Day Club - Box Hill

“Thank you for having us.  We really enjoyed our visit and the students loved meeting the babies.  I look forward to seeing you again next term.”

Miss Dianne Beever
Head of eLearning / Ultranet Lead User
Doncaster Secondary College

“You won’t be disappointed as Adrianna presents a very comprehensive and informative session that should not be missed.”

Kristy Waddell
Animal Studies Trainer
Warragul Campus

“I just wanted to say it was so lovely to have met you; you are an amazing person. Your presentation was fantastic the kids loved it and their posters too! Tank you so much for travelling all that way!

Will definitely keep you in contact and see when we can have you again :) will also spread the word when i meet other leaders from other scouting places in Melbourne.”

Stephanie Wilson - Belmont Scout Group Coordinator

“Miss Cutter said it was the best presentation she had ever seen about the environment.”

Sheridan van Gelderen
Year 8 student 

Tintern School
Ringwood East

”Thanks for the night by the way. The kids all loved and have been going home, telling their parents to buy cat cages!”

Shaeron Murray
Scouts Coordinator
Lynden Park Cub Group

“I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation you gave my pack and to let you know they all enjoyed it quite a lot, the Cubs talked about your presentation for the few following weeks and stated that they would like to come and see your place.  I would love to bring my pack on your environmental walk.”

Belinda Vella
Yarra Junction Scouts Coordinator
Yarra Junction

it was really easy to listen to, because Adriana is so passionate and keeps the audience engaged. i enjoyed learning about possums and also the environmental messages about sustainable living. This was a wonderful presentation, thank you so much for sharing your expertise and wisdom.

Emily Foenander

Participant at the "introduction to possum caring" workshop


Thoroughly enjoyed presentation and found Adriana very passionate and very informative, and she has encouraged me to think about becoming a carer. Thank you Adriana!


Participant at the "introuction to possum caring" workshop


“It was a great pleasure to meet you and be lucky enough to hear and see your presentation, which was interesting, informative and you were delightful! Thank you so much for making the time for us in your very busy life. We hope to meet you again in the not too far distant future.

With best wishes and thanks from all our ladies, and especially from me.”

Lynn Wells
Mulgrave Day VIEW Club

On the 22nd of October, we had a woman named Adriana Simmonds come to the school to talk to the class about Australian wildlife and the indigenous native plant life that is being in constant danger, and how we should protect them. Adriana told us stories of how she would always see animals on the side of the road caused from being hit by cars or anything else, and is such a heart wrenching sight to see. She told us that Astralia is such a beautiful country and we should be grateful of what we have here, but unfortunately the plant life that is here now is not suitable for the indigenous wildlife that were here before the other domestic kind of animals came. I felt that the speech she wrote was so inspirational and I realised how much trouble the indigenous animals such as the kangaroo, koala, possum, echidna, have been going through all this time.

Student from "My Animal studies Class"

Doncaser Secondary College


Thank you to all our friends who have participated in our programs,

Thank you for your interest, for your kindness and for your wonderful comments, ideas and suggestions.

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