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Who is the Director?

My name is Adriana Simmonds, I am a Colombian Biologist who fell in love with Australia from the very moment we arrived here at the end of 1998. For any biologist, this country is a paradise, a laboratory and a dream come true because nature here, in all its forms, shapes and life forms, is unique.

In Colombia I had the opportunity to work in formal education with preschool, primary and secondary students for an amazing school which became pioneer in environmental education at a national level. My role there was to design and establish an Agro-Ecological Centre, as well as develop and teach the curriculum involving students, parents and other teachers.



Here i have been running a wildlife shelter at home since 2000, having the privilege of looking after many species of orphaned, injured, sick and displaced native animals, in order to rehabilitate them, so they can be released back into the wild where they belong.


Running a wildlife shelter is a volunteer, full time and self-funded activity, which despite the hard work, is very rewarding. All efforts to give a second chance in life to our precious animals in trouble are worth it and they deserve that.


For the past 8 years I have also been working in habitat restoration to provide suitable habitats for wildlife. Learning about the importance, beauty and fragility of ecosystems has changed completely the way I appreciate this land.  I have established an environmental walk around our property and shelter in order to share those experiences with the community.

After the horrific 2009 bushfires, I managed a Food Drop program for Wildlife Victoria, to support the native animals that survived the fires across the State, but had lost their food sources. This was a very special program through which countless creatures were saved, small local businesses were supported and entire communities were involved in a mutual healing process where wildlife and humans helped each other.


At that time, I became Wildlife Victoria’s Education Officer, where I had the opportunity to create and present a comprehensive environmental education program for schools, community groups and other organisations. 


I have enjoyed my work immensely over the years, here in Australia and in my home country. I have learnt so much and I have shared a wonderful time with amazing people who have a very special place in my heart.  


Now through HUMAN SEEDS I have been able to combine my scientific background as a biologist, my knowledge in environmental education, my experience as wildlife rehabilitator and my work in habitat restoration, to continue sharing my passion for the environment, by developing new programs, talks, activities and projects for people of all ages and backgrounds.


You are all invited to be part of this journey and become a true human seed...



CARE: Lending a helping hand to all creatures in need, promoting respect, tolerance and selfless service

EDUCATION: Reaching our community to promote learning, research, tninking, curiosity, creativity, awareness, sense of belonging and new ideas

CONSERVATION: Working together in practical ways to ensure the long term survival of all forms of life, including ours

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