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This website has been designed as a book with 6 chapters, each one of them with a colour of the RAINBOW, worth reading from cover to cover. Find out who we are, what we do and what we stand for.


HUMAN SEEDS is an organisation created to share a positive, practical and scientific message about the Earth we live in, the creatures we share it with, the role we play in the survival of all forms of life, and the ways by which we can lead happy, productive, balanced and conscientious lives.


To achieve these goals, we have developed many programs:

  • Incursions

  • Seminars 

  • Workshops

  • School holydays presentations


Our activities can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.
We want to reach all sectors of our community including:

  • Primary and secondary schools

  • Tafe, universities and other educational institutions

  • Government and non-government organisations

  • Industries/businesses

  • Community groups

  • Memebers of the public


All proceeds from HUMAN SEEDS' activities, go to support wildlife rehabilitation, giving a second chance in life to many of our native animals in need.


We want to invite you to explore our website, and travel through the colors of the rainbow to discover a wonderful world of possibilities: We start with our GREEN home page; then you can get to know the organisation better in our YELLOW section; in the ORANGE pages you can see what we do and what we have to offer; the RED part is the most beautiful, showcasing the wildlife shelter that HUMAN SEEDS supports; the PURPLE segment is full of useful, practical and interesting information, and the BLUE portion will show you how to get in contact with us and many other relevant groups.


Environmental Education is a wonderful tool with the potential to promote change, awareness and wellbeing at many levels:

  • It helps us learn new things about us and our surroundings

  • It persuades us to make our best effort

  • It guides us to make conscientious decisions

  • It motivates us to be good members of our communities

  • It inspires us to contribute to the preservation of present and future generations of all species of life.


Through education, HUMAN SEEDS wants to share a constructive message about different topics such as ecology, conservation, biodiversity, wildlife, environmentally friendly ways of life, habitat restoration, animal care, healthy living and more.

We can be transformed in humans that coexist harmoniously with the very environment that support us all... we can become real human seeds! 

Greenhood orchid - Pterostylis nutans

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